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How Home Care Helps Seniors Remain Independent

Posted on: February 19 2020

Many seniors are hesitant to ask for help even when they know they need it because they are afraid they will lose their independence. This is a huge mistake. Failing to ask for help when you know you need it can backfire and cause seniors to lose their independence all together. Here are 5 ways home care can help seniors maintain their independence while simultaneously improving their overall quality of life.


Help With Transportation

Older adults can sometimes lose their ability to drive safely. In-home caregivers can assist by arranging/providing, safe transportation for seniors who are unable to drive.

Encourage Regular Exercise

Many seniors refrain from exercise because they think it will lead to an accident. But seniors need to exercise to maintain their bone density, circulation, and strength. Caregivers can help by encouraging seniors to exercise and ensuring their safety by guiding and assisting them when they need it.

Assist With Meal Preparation

Preparing nutritious meals can be a huge challenge for seniors, especially for those with limited mobility. As a result, many seniors resort to processed foods. Caregivers can help ensure seniors get adequate nutrition by helping them prepare fresh meals as little as a few times per week.

Improve Home Safety

Having a safe home is important for seniors who want to remain at home for the duration of their life. Caregivers can help regularly checking for hazards seniors may not even be aware of.

Assist with Medication Management

Seniors can sometimes have a hard time remembering to take their medications. As a result, their health becomes jeopardized. Caregivers can assist by reminding seniors to take their medications at the appropriate time.

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Absolutely amazing company that genuinely cares about their patients and patients families. If I had a loved one in need of care or companionship, I would have it be from Around the Clock Home Care. They have a lot they can do to assist someone in need.

Jamie Landrith-Clift

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