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Aging in America | Senior Care

Posted on: April 30 2021

Aging in America

Senior Care: Home Care Services

72% of all Americans will need home care as they age.

As older adults begin to experience declines in physical, sensory, and memory capabilities, they will need products and services that help them maintain their lifestyles and activities. Home Care can provide flexible scheduling, to allow seniors to maintain an independent lifestyle or provide help recovering from a hospital stay or illness.


Non-Medical Home Care is assistance with activities of daily living. This avenue of care enables a person to receive services in the privacy of their home. A care coordinator conducts comprehensive in-home assessments to identify the client’s needs and to develop a plan of care.


Finding the right people to care for your loved ones in the home can be made with more
assurance using a home care agency. Non-Medical home care providers work in conjunction with Physicians, Nurse Case Managers, Home Health Agencies, Hospice Agencies, Skilled Care, and many other medical related providers offering the non-medical care that is not provided by them.


Services are normally charged by the hour. The in-home caregivers are employed by the Agency. As a result, the agency is 100% responsible for all costs related to the employee and protects the client against workers compensation claims among other risks. An agency also provides back-up coverage if a caregiver calls-off a shift.

Family Caregiving in the U.S. Statistics

  • 65.7% of family members have served as unpaid caregivers.
  • 66% are female family caregivers.
  • 69% of the recipients have long-term physical conditions.
  • 20.4 hours is the average time spent by family members weekly providing care.
  • 17% of family feel their health has worsened due to strain of caregiving.
  • 53% feel caregiving has taken away from family and friends.

Populations Statistics

  • Demand for caregiving has increased from 67% to 77% since 2009. (An increase to 86% since April 2020-Covid 19) National Association of Home Care-Hospice 2021
  • Predominate age of care recipient is over 50.
  • 51% of family caregivers are also caring for their own children.
  • Average duration of care is 4.6 years for family members
  • 66% of family caregivers have gone in late, left early or missed time from work to deal with caregiving of a family member.




  • The elderly account for 12.7% of the U.S. population, but consume approximately 34% of total prescriptions.
  • Adverse drug reactions are among the top five greatest threats to the health of seniors.
  • 28%of hospitalizations among seniors are due to adverse drug reaction.
  • 32,000 seniors suffer hip fractures each year due to falls caused by medication-related problems.
  • On average, individuals 65 to 69 years old take nearly 14 prescriptions per year, individuals 80 to 84 take an average of 18 prescriptions per year.

Home Care


Home Care agency services along with billing rates are provided and charged by the hour. Hourly scheduled care services will typically start at 4-6 hours a day, 2-3
visits a week, and with options to increase hours as needed. Included in these rates are caregiver employees pay, all state and federal taxes, bonding, and insurance. Agencies are the employer of the caregiver and are 100% responsible for all costs related to the employee. The Agency is licensed under the State Department of Health and follows State rules/regulations.

Hiring an Individual and not using a Home Care Agency: Questions and Risks

  • ·Is the Individual Bonded?
  • Does the individual have Workers Comp and liability insurance?
  • Has the individual had a State & Federal background check?
  • Drug Tested?
  • Does the caregiver have the necessary skills and training to perform the care?
  • Is the caregiver paying their taxes on your financial payments to them?

Terms and Statements to Research-Remember on Individuals

  • Oversight
  • Accountability
  • No RN or Administrator
  • Staying within the scope of Non-Medical Care
  • Medication - Safety & Theft
  • Backup Plans for Coverage
  • Schedule Flexibility
  • Documentation
  • Liability for Accidents-Emergencies in the home
  • Plans of Care for Specialized Conditions - Dementia, CHF, COPD, Fall Risks
  • Reliable Transportation & Auto Insurance Coverage

Around the Clock Home Care - Our Mission

We are committed to providing high quality, client-centered, and affordable Home Care services to our clients to assist them to lead dignified and independent lives
in the comfort of their own homes. Their individual needs are carefully assessed, understood, and met through the selective assignment of qualified, trustworthy, and compassionate Caregivers.


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Absolutely amazing company that genuinely cares about their patients and patients families. If I had a loved one in need of care or companionship, I would have it be from Around the Clock Home Care. They have a lot they can do to assist someone in need.

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