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Caregiver Employment Opportunities

Around the Clock Home Care is always on the lookout for talented caregivers. We are interested in people with credentials but we are especially interested in people with an abundance of caring and common sense. If you have a passion for working with older people and are comfortable working on your own, we would love to hear from you. We work with vulnerable people in unsupervised environments, therefore, your reliability is a critical component of our relationship..

Our hiring process is simple but rigorous: you will be asked to personally visit our office to pick up and complete an application. At the same time we usually schedule an interview. We will need to complete a criminal background check and complete your reference checks before we can make a final hiring decision, however, we will give you a preliminary indication of your acceptability on the interview day.

After you are an employee, you are eligible for health and dental benefits and paid vacation. We regularly review your compensation and are as flexible as possible in scheduling your hours.



Absolutely amazing company that genuinely cares about their patients and patients families. If I had a loved one in need of care or companionship, I would have it be from Around the Clock Home Care. They have a lot they can do to assist someone in need.

Jamie Landrith-Clift

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