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Signs To Look For During Holiday Visits With Aging Loved Ones

Posted on: November 19 2021

Will your loved one need Home Care after your holiday visit?

As you visit family and friends over the upcoming holidays, this can be an opportunity to see any changes that need to be addressed in person. While video calls and regular check-ins can help, spending time together in person and seeing the home environment of the loved one can provide important insights.

For those who are visiting over Thanksgiving or the December holidays we have shared four indicators to look for on your visit.

  1. While the home may seem tidy, is it clear the heat or air conditioning isn’t being used as usual? What may seem like an overly frugal choice could be a sign of forgetfulness.
  2. While food may be purchased and prepared, weight loss could be a sign of a medical condition that needs to be addressed. Signs of dehydration can be more subtle, but important indicators of other issues as well.
  3. While the home office may seem to still be in order without telltale signs of unopened mail or past due bills, there may be a paper trail of issues unfolding. Not only are unpaid bills a concern, but bookkeeping errors, such as paying the same bill twice, can be signals to watch out for. Unusual purchases or changes in spending habits can also be a warning sign.
  4. Not keeping up with medical supplies, filling prescriptions, keeping house stocked with groceries, and toiletries can be a clear sign that something is not right. A lot of new purchases can be another sign. A thrifty person who is suddenly buying products from telemarketers, home shopping networks or even in-store items that they wouldn’t need or use could be an indicator that they’re not making purchase decisions through the same discerning lens they once used.

As conditions change, sadly, some family member become susceptible to those who would take advantage. Be on the lookout for service bills that haven’t been rendered, products you don’t see in the home, services and supplies not issued by the patient’s doctor. Examine insurance claims and financial documents. Be prepared for the beginning of an open and respectful (but honest) conversation.

If you identify issues and believe it is time to enlist more help, be sure to work with others that have experience in senior care and research all care options that your loved one may need. Learn more about the different care services that Around the Clock Home Care can provide for your family member and your peace of mind.

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Absolutely amazing company that genuinely cares about their patients and patients families. If I had a loved one in need of care or companionship, I would have it be from Around the Clock Home Care. They have a lot they can do to assist someone in need.

Jamie Landrith-Clift

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